February 01, 2013

Yes, Even More on Parents and Sealings.


The following is more a comment than a question, but I will answer it also _

This quote they are referring to is in regards to posterity. It is not to say that they can come into the CK in their sins but that it is a promise that they will come back, whether in this life or in the next....they will come back and it will be a thorny path and they will repent but through your faith they will come back...TPJS "Hope on, trust on, till you see the salvation of God"


I only intend to answer this once more. You have not dealt with the objections that I presented to the idea. Answer these or I will not publish any further comment you choose to make on this subject.
Adam was the great archangel Michael in the pre-existence. Surely then his children will all be eventually saved into the Celestial Kingdom if we are to take these statements as absolutes.

In regard Cain the Lord said,

"If you do well, you shall be accepted. And if you do not well sin lies at the door, and Satan desires to have you; and except you shall listen to my commandments, I will deliver you up, and it shall be to you according to his desire. And you shall rule over him; For  from this time forward you shall be the father of his lies; you shall be called Perdition; for you were also before the world." Moses 5:23-24

Should we regard that such will be in the Celestial kingdom afterward: That the tentacles have reached out to save Cain? Will Cain repent? Of course not.

What of Lehi and Sariah with Laman and Lemuel? Are we to believe that we will be with Laman and Lemuel in the Celestial kingdom, repentance or no repentance? They will not become different people in the eternities. They have set their course as surely as Cain.

Or can a person commit the unpardonable sin and then be saved into the Celestial Kingdom because his father and mother were good people?

I suggest you stick to Scripture. And this idea is not only not supported in Scripture, it’s opposed irrefutably.


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