January 20, 2013

Earth's Age Before the Fall


My question is pertaining to the age of the earth..I understand and agree that 1,000 years in earth time is 1 day in Gods time. I am wondering, post creation, how much time Adam and Eve spent in the garden before the recording of time again. Adam, to my knowledge, did not age in Eden so is it feasible to say that there is potential for the earth to have aged a bit before recorded time began again post fall?


From things we have been informed of by past modern-day prophets and the statements of the Bible and Pearl of Great Price we come to discover that Adam and Eve were born as babies.

They were brought up to an age where they came to discover the difference between good and evil; and they made an evil choice.

Prior to their fall all things were in a state where there was no decay. To grow physically Adam and Eve ate seeds and fruit - neither of which die, as they are not separate living entities (the fruit's life comes from the tree until the seeds germinate). Though some question exists in regard what food the animals ate. When Adam and Eve fell (which fall took until Moses to complete), the fall began for all things upon the earth (including the earth). From this point until Moses, decay was in a decline and not consistent. So for the first 2400 years decay rates, that they are using for dating, were not as they are today. Rates of decay would have been far less over that period, thus demonstrating that theory science is even more inaccurate in their dating.

What "modern science" (which is the largest religion upon the earth) doesn't tell you is that dating methods have a dreadful accuracy rate. They present manufactured accuracy figures that just aren't true in the slightest. Anyone telling you that they know something to be millions or billions of years old is away in pixi-land. There is no real scientific method we can use to test such instruments to know if such readings were true. It's all a nonsense.

There is no need for twisting Scripture to try and fit it in with the ever-changing concepts of theory science.


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