October 31, 2012

Are the Dead on a Spirit Planet?

We know that every living soul is combined by a physical body and a spirit body.
Earth's a living soul.

It has a physical body (where we spent our mortal lives). By definition earth must have a spirit part also.

This is my question: is earth's spirit body the same spiritual world our spirits go when we die?

In addition, does every living planet have its own spirit body where the spirits of its inhabitants go after they die?

When we die we don't actually go anywhere. We remain on the earth awaiting the resurrection of our physical body. Talk is made of a spirit prison, hell, paradise, going to the bosom of Abraham and other such expressions. These are simplistic expressions to help people understand the state of individuals that have passed on, depending on their choices in this life. But they are not separate places.

Spirits will often hang around with their families, friends or places they've lived. If a lot of workers have died while working at a particular place the departed spirit will find a lot of their old comrades there. It can be that they will spend the night with those workers and the day dropping in on their living families.

But all this takes place on the physical earth. The earth has its inner being within it. This inner being isn't a separate place.

All planets throughout eternity operate in this manner.


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