January 07, 2012

Is Bishop Confession Necessary?


Is Bishop confession really necessary for repentance? Or is confessing to the Lord, turning away from sin enough? Why do we need to confess to the Bishop when the Lord already knows what we did wrong and how we feel.


Confessing to the Lord is important for all sins we commit. Yet some sins we commit we don't accept to forgive ourselves. Our heart has trouble accepting the repentance process under that circumstance. Our faith in the process isn't that good: Particularly when that action has made us lose the Holy Ghost as a constant companion.

By going to the bishop we have a chance to feel we are doing something about it. We also get that chance to rebuild our relationship with the Holy Ghost.

If you had the Holy Ghost as a constant companion before the action then you will miss that tremendously. The faster you can get it back the better. Fortunately I only went through it for a week one time (not a matter to see the bishop about) but that week was painful. In spite of having it back within a week it wasn't the same for over 2 months.

If you didn't have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion before the action then it is time you got it anyway, and going to the bishop and getting right will help. You may feel that you can take care of it on your own. But it isn't what your mind says, it is what your heart feels. And if you are in this situation you won't be listening to your heart well enough, at this stage, to know its real feelings.

I know it can be embarrassing telling the bishop about an action you don't feel very proud of. But this only further helps in the process of your repentance. It requires you to become more humble in this confession.


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