October 18, 2011

How to Live Righteously all the Time


Over the past year or more as I've studied the gospel and tried to BE the disciple I know I can become, over time I tend to just drift back to my lowest common denominator-- meaning- I hit and miss reading my scriptures by myself and with my wife... time goes by then I refocus and then drift. There are other areas of my life where I see this type of pattern happen and I think the root cause is I don't have enduring righteous desires. The thing I've been studying is how do I maintain these desires? How do I cultivate them in other areas? I know that if I keep trying I'll grow slowly and maybe within 30 years I'll be much better than I am now, but I know that if I can better understand or cultivate enduring righteous desires, I can get there much sooner.

Just thought I'd shoot you a question to see if you have any thoughts. Thanks in advance.


A hard thing for people to accept is that when we don't do what God says, in reality we are saying that he's not right. Most wouldn't dare say that, but that is the reality nonetheless.

We all need to develop a knowledge that God asks things for our sake, not his. And that he is always right. Having that knowledge we can go on in confidence that living as he says will bring the ultimate happiness that we seek.

Yet to obtain this knowledge we must first apply faith in the things he says. Faith is like a muscle: We must work it to make it grow. By working it we come to see that he was right and we were wrong. This helps our faith to grow for next time.

Sometimes when we do what he says we don't come to see that he was right. This is because we didn't try it long enough (or fervently enough). The greatest explanation of this is given in Alma 32:26-43. Here Alma sets out the process of making faith work into knowledge. It should be noted that this is not the repetition it first appears. Alma is pointing out a step-by-step guide to gaining this knowledge. It is important to follow each individual step (whether you think you've already done that or not).

Once you come to see that God is right in so many things (and particularly big things where you felt he was wrong) you will eventually work out that he knows what he's talking about all the time and resistance will fade.

Of course we must remain vigilant and remember to keep our faith going even when tempted to do otherwise. But you will find yourself taking on those things that you actually have come to see are best for you. So his words will become part of your every day life that you wouldn't give up, as it would be contrary to your happiness.


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