December 16, 2010

Further in Regard Parental Sealing Power


(In regard my post on Parental Sealing Power the following question was posted)

A girl in my ward and I had this exact same conversation after a visiting High Councillor said that he was grateful for his wife and himself being sealed in the Temple because it would essentially save their wayward children.

Are there any general conference talks that say otherwise? It frustrated us to have people in authority spreading false (but hopeful) doctrine.


While I'm not particularly aware of someone talking on that subject specifically, the Scriptures I have quoted and the subjects they present to the contrary are. Many GAs have spoken on individual responsibility and the importance of living right to obtain a right eternal future. Christ stated (and many GAs have presented) that as we sow, so shall we reap. This doesn't allow for some other doctrine where we reap as our parents sow.

Talks where GAs quote that Cain, Laman etc miss out on going to God's kingdom would all disprove the councillors claims. These would be easily found by going to the site and typing in these subjects for searches in the magazines.


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