March 23, 2010

Legal Drugs - Anti-Depressants


My question is what do you think about all these anti-depressants so many people seem to be on these days. Even members of the church. Are people really just covering up an issue they need to deal with?


Unfortunately extremely large amounts of money are being made in the drug industry (I mean the legal one). Doctors and psychiatrists are just prescribing drugs as a simple solution to all ills. Where once children would be disciplined they are now drugged for sedation. They become used to this way of thinking.

I know of church members caught up in this myself. Yet Christ taught the answer to this problem. But that peace in our hearts can only come from us facing the gospel head on and living it. Just belonging to the church, attending meetings and doing callings isn't sufficient. There is a requirement for us to be one with Christ and Heavenly Father. We actually have to come to KNOW them (Jn 17:3).

Through faith in Christ anyone can face their problems. These drugs don't help the people I've seen on them. They still look and talk as depressed as ever. It's just another unsuccessful drug like alcohol.


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