December 25, 2009

More Regarding Mind Reading and Matter Manipulation


Hey...this is really the first I've heard about the mind reading stuff since my mission. I served with a guy that could do this. I did not believe him at first. When he showed me I was a little afraid to begin, but he showed me time after time how he could read thoughts and even to a small extend make objects move...and how it can be used for good and not evil. I tested him for months and he was dead on.

I have not really spoken about this since, because I have never heard others speak about you said people get weirded out.

Do you have any more info on this and/or how to continue to develop and refine this???


The answer to this varies very much from person to person. To approach this correctly requires an examination of where you are looking to go with it and where you are now spiritually. You would need to give me your name and e-mail address for more personal discussion.


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