June 16, 2008

Did Christ Marry?

Q. My questions deals with temple marriage. I have read in the scriptures state that we must be married and sealed in the temple to recieve exaltation. Meaning, that to be recieved in the Celestial Kingdom we must be married and sealed in the temple with an eternal companion. If this is correct then my question is did Jesus Christ marry? His most famous scripture he said to John states, "to fullfill all righteousness." He says this after John asks him why he should be baptized. Thus if he fullfilled all righteousness, did he marry?

A. Yes. Jesus Christ had to be married to be accepted as a teacher or leader in Israel. It was required under the Law of Moses, that "the leader of my people must marry a virgin." This meant that the leader would have understanding of family problems, and would have demonstrated an ability to hold a marriage together (as this obviously implies that he is still married to her).

It was also required that they be 30 years old. Which Christ also complied with.

Had he failed to marry he also wouldn't be fulfilling the commandment given to be fruitful and multiply. It should be understood that righteous sex doesn't include lust. I mention this just in case this is an issue which may confuse you or others reading.


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