February 10, 2010

Where Did Evil Come From?


Where did evil come from?


Evil itself doesn't actually come from anywhere. It is anything that makes you contrary to harmony with nature.

There are eternal laws. They have always existed and always will. For example there are the physical ones such as hot and cold, light and dark, magnetism, voltage, fire and burning, ice, wind and gravity.

Since we have obtained a body there are things that can bring us into conflict with physical laws and that will create unwanted results. If we stand in front of a moving truck things will happen that are natural, but oppose the natural laws that are for our good - such as not being hit by fast-moving objects. This action creates evil to our body and lives.

But then there are those that are important to how we feel inside - the spiritual. These are much more important because of their far reaching consequences. If we hate others we are in conflict with the eternal law of harmony with nature that preserves and creates good things. We feel conflict inside ourselves. We are unhappy. If, on the other hand, we feel love for others we are in harmony with the same eternal law. We have joy and happiness.

Lust produces this same situation of conflict. Also greed, anger and pride all create conflict with the eternal laws of happiness. If we give ungrudgingly we feel good inside. If we serve in love we have that harmony also. All the things that Christ taught us to do are to bring us into harmony with those related eternal laws.

Heavenly Father practices these eternal laws and advises us to do so.

The Scriptures do present some texts which create confusion in regard how God really feels. But Christ came and demonstrated and taught how Heavenly Father is. He causes the sun to rise on the evil as well as the good.

So God isn't interested in being some type of dictator; but being a loving father who teaches us to avoid such conflict: To avoid evil.


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