April 22, 2010

Leadership Positions and Eternal Life


How does leadership play into eternal life? Obviously our Savior Jesus Christ and Father in Heaven are the ultimate in leadership examples, we are to be like them. So if someone is never a bishop, or Stake President, or called to some other leader position does that tell us something about that individual?
Or maybe that is a worldly perspective...


Doctrine and Covenants 121:34-40 inform us that few church leaders will gain eternal life. It could be argued that positions give a person the opportunity they require to grow to become one of the few. And with some people I wouldn't dispute that. But the Scriptures do inform us that people with no church position can become quite effective people and gain eternal life.

For example Lehi had no position whatsoever when called upon to lead his family out. And even then he would be called the leader of an extremely small branch today.

While Elijah had an official position, he had no church. Yet he will have eternal life.

John the Baptist had some disciples, but had no official position within a church.

Jeremiah was just a priest, not the leader of the church either.

And how much of a church did Noah have? - an even smaller branch than Lehi.

And what size church did Ether have?

Moroni wandered around with no church either.

The prophetess Deborah had no official position.

And what of Mary, the mother of Jesus? - she will have eternal life.

Far more women will have eternal life than men, yet how many have had some glorified position?

You are right in assuming it to be a worldly perspective.

It is up to us to use the Spirit and create our own positions of service. We can be far more effective home teachers than visiting only once a month. We can be far better class secretaries than just marking the roll. As we seek for the Spirit's help in being more effective he will give us leadership opportunities.

The greatest leader is the greatest follower. Jesus Christ was the greatest leader because he followed Heavenly Father better than anyone else. As you seek to follow Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ some people will begin to follow you. God will open up opportunities to you as you strive to serve. Don't seek the position. He will just give it to you (which could be official or unofficial) at the appropriate time.


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