January 16, 2011

Homosexuality and the LDS Church


What do you think the Church's response to homosexuality should be? How involved do you think it should become in laws pertaining to LGBT rights?


Anything outside of that made in official statements by the church would be presumptuous of me to comment on how 14 million other LDS feel. Yet your question is of my opinion in regard how I feel the church should approach the subject. My reply would be that it is the responsibility of the President of the church to ask for revelation on how the church should approach this.

However if we restructure your question to how I feel about it as a person, that is a different subject. So I can answer from that point of view.

We are living in a world where many things that God presented in his laws are ignored. Adultery, fornication, sabbath breaking, taking God's name in vain, stealing (on some levels), coveting and many other things against God's laws, are legal.

God presented that anyone practicing homosexuality, bestiality or cross dressing should be put to death. What do you want me to say? God's wrong? Yet alternate ideas can be explored where they won't conflict with his intentions on the matter.

His knowledge of these things is that they are destructive of society. They first destroy the individual and then all those practicing with them.

Mankind has forgotten what marriage means. Marriage isn't a sex license for church goers to feel sanctified in lustful sex. Marriage isn't for two people in love to enjoy co-habitation. Marriage isn't to decrease single rents. It isn't so that two people can look after each other in their old age. It isn't something to give you a person to share your holidays with and get some conversation. Its not something to get to when you feel like it. It is a commandment of the Lord for the purpose of producing offspring (Gen 1:28). These other things are just additions that are added in by some.

Men and women are unbalanced without each other. A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man (Gen 2:18, 1 Cor 11:11). We all know how difficult it can be to understand the opposite gender (though I think often gender is used as an excuse for inability to compromise). But this is no excuse for giving up our responsibility.

Homosexuality and lost sexual identity only get in the way of a person coming to their full potential.

Any argument that it is natural is nonsense, as if it were true we would see such in dogs that walk the streets. I came from an area that was riddled with stray dogs. While I have seen dogs try to even take out their frustration on lamp posts and even people's legs, I have never witnessed a dog putting it up the rear of another male dog who accepted it. The one underneath would always reject anything getting near there. Any claim of some animal supposedly doing it in some distant land doesn't hold water since dogs are animals and don't do it.

Yet adultery also had the death penalty by God's law. Also fornication requires marriage without divorce (though God gave the option that you could choose death if you really didn't want to marry them).

I have had friendships with many men practicing homosexuality; mainly working with sex offenders. Every true paedophile I know has homosexual problems. And there is an unusually high proportion of cross dressers among sex offenders. I personally am not keen on just putting them to death (though I understand God's wisdom as a policy). But if we don't we would still have to isolate them.

Getting back to the best I can do on your original question, I can only say by virtue of my own experiences and that which God has said that I would strongly oppose homosexual marriages (mainly out of interest for children), and having homosexuals or those with sex identity problems working with children at any level.


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