July 09, 2011

Aliens and Evil Spirits

This ? is I know, kind of "out there" but I saw a documentary the other day that made me start thinking about the subject and i wondered if any of our prophets has talked about, or if there are any scriptures that talked about what the world calls "aliens." The documentary I saw showed actual taped interviews with people who were under hypnosis; to try to help their sleep problems. But what turned up was unbelievable abduction by alien experiences. What struck me was at one point the "alien was speaking thru the person in a loud bellowing voice and immediately the spirit told me that it was Satan or one of his followers, angels whatever.

I was always taught that Satan and his followers who went with him in the pre existent war, will never have bodies. And so they are jealous of ours. They want bodies and they resent that we have them. That is why they like to influence people to do things like torture and mutilate. Any way, these abductions always seem to include weird physical experiments on humans by grotesque looking aliens. I know this is "out there" too, but what if they have found a way to put their spirits in some sort of crude "body" they have created and they are doing biological tests on people to try to find out how to create bodies the way our father in heaven does. Maybe they even have people working for them- cloning bodies for them to inhabit- but because of their tortured souls their spirits deform these bodies to look like "aliens" or maybe the clones look like that because they were created by cloning with no spirit-because the spirit and body influence each other.


That is quite an imaginative mind you have. Its good to think outside the square to some degree. And you have raised some interesting things to explain.

I found your inspiration in regard an evil spirit speaking through one of these people, interesting. Thanks for expressing that experience.

In regard to prophets speaking about aliens, we have the words of Moses on that one. In Moses 1:35 God talks to Moses of the many worlds that Jesus has created. He says he's only going to give an account of this earth and its inhabitants. This implies to me that he could give us accounts of these other worlds and their inhabitants. As all are born children to the same Heavenly Parents we must look extremely similar.

Let me assure you that you don't have to worry about Satan cloning people. Satan and his followers are our spirit brothers and sisters. Our spirits are exactly the same as theirs. As they are made of spirit matter they can't touch physical matter to move it with their spirit body hands.

It is true that some of us did assist in the creation and move large amounts of physical matter before having a physical body. Also Christ taught that we can move mountains with faith to realize we can. But this is a "light side of the force" ability. The dark side (Satan and his mob) can't do that because they oppose nature, and so it won't work for them.

It takes our spirit months of training in the womb to learn how to manipulate our physical body. Our intelligence needs to learn to create electrical impulses in the brain to transmit messages to our body. We need to learn how to maintain the necessary functions of breathing, heart beats, parts opening and closing at the right time, fighting infections, etc. It is a highly complex education.

When evil spirits enter someone else's body the person themselves is already performing these functions. No cloned body could even begin to function without intelligent decisions.

There is only one way that moving an intelligence into a body can make it function, and that is birth. The womb process is how we got our spirit bodies to function. And it is how we learnt to get our physical bodies to function.


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