December 28, 2011

How is Our Death Date Calculated?


I am LDS and I have a question that several of us were discussing the other day. Okay, when a person dies is it because it is their "time" to go, or that God has something for them to do on the other side, or do we just die because we happen to get a terminal illness or we get hit by a truck or etc?


God uses natural forces in all that he does. God uses those forces in ways that he finds to be the best under the circumstances that will face us. Death mostly will come in its own natural time. But God has planned that time to the degree he felt necessary.

Heavenly Father has billions of children to consider the best for. He knows who those spirits are that will achieve the best and those that will do nothing great at all. In looking at his situation of who to have living where and when he must consider giving the greatest growth opportunities to those that he knows will make the best of what they get.

This means that he will interact them with some spirits that are good (for good example) and some that are bad (for struggle). He may even use the bad spirit to assist good spirits to see the benefit of choosing good over evil.

His choice of where to put a bad spirit may be mainly centered on putting them there to assist a good spirit at an appropriate time. He makes sure that all will have every opportunity to make all growth the individual will be prepared to make. But if this is very little, God's options are fairly flexible in where he puts the person.

Then he has some spirits that he knows it best die before reaching an age of accountability. These spirits aren't ready to take on the evil of the world with a recognition of its evil. So he has to make sure that doesn't happen in their case.

In addition we have such things to consider as time in the spirit world before the first resurrection. We may have expressed a desire to do time in the spirit world to gain understanding of its workings and experiences. He may feel that some small time or large time would be helpful.

Then there is the question of how much did a pre-existent spirit desire to be at a time when no great spiritual position be placed upon them. "Yes," they said, "as long as I don't have to have Abraham or Moses for a father and have to live all that spiritual stuff."

It must be remembered that Heavenly Father actually managed to convince the majority of us to leave where we were comfortable and take this giant step of going through an earth life. He allowed for our desires. He had to in order to get so many to go through with it. So he made deals that made us more comfortable with it. We see so many brought up without any truth at all. We see many brought up with very little and some brought up with some reasonable degree of truth.

So God had to plan and present to us an idea that each of us were sufficiently happy with, considering the options he had available. In this planning he included time of death. But for many there isn't really a great deal of difference if they die this day or that. He can make a fairly flexable plan that will satisfy the needs of the individual.

Yet with some he plans it down to the day. They have their "time to go," as you put it.


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