December 15, 2011

Spirit Body Age


We know that our spirits return to adult form even if we die as a child so my question is why then are ghost children seen and heard? And also the dark spirits you can sometimes see those are not necessarily Satan's angels?


We have complete control over our spirit bodies. Some spirits choose to remain as youths of around early 20's while others may choose more into their late 20's or even older. Some choose to just be as they were when they died.

While living in mortal life spirit bodies take the form of their physical bodies as much as they can considering the size problem. Spirits remain in the central torso area during normal activity. The spirit sits with their knees up under the chin.

But this can alter like a shot. The spirit can shrink the legs and stand when so desired. This is done as simply as winking an eye for our physical body. Part of the spirit body can actually leave the physical body as in astral travel. Sudden romantic inclinations can also produce this effect.

Your latter sentence is an interesting comment. You sound like you have had some experience in this regard.

I saw a young woman near on suicide who was as black as they come inside. People range between white and black. Almost all are somewhere in the grey area, depending on spirituality. Oh, that we had more white and delightsome inside.


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