January 12, 2012

Tithing Paid on Gross or Net Income?


Should tithing be paid based on gross or net income?


In most cases the gross income is the thing to base your tithing on. In some cases this can be a problem if you are in business and have to take costs involved into consideration. For example there is rent on the shop and delivery costs. Electricity, insurance, license fees, registration, and the list can seem almost endless.

It just needs to be remembered in judging these costs that you must stick to business expenses only as exceptions.

If you are a normal wage earner then your tax deductions are paid back to you in services. Your roads are repaired using these taxes along with defence, fire brigade, police services, licensing and registration of drivers and motor vehicles. Just to name a few. As all these services are required in your community you pay tax to have them continue. As you are benefiting they become part of your tithable income.

If you have unusual circumstances then you should see your bishop about your situation.


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