January 26, 2012

Yes, Yet Even More Again on Sealing Power


This is an interesting post, Doug. The only way any accountable child of God born in this life is guaranteed to make it back to exaltation is for that person to have their calling and election made sure and then they must not commit murder or the unpardonable sin. Is the Lord saying that every son or daughter whose parents are sealed together in the temple and live all the covenants and thus having qualified themselves to have their lives and marriage sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise and thus qualify themselves to gain eternal life that their children, if they stray but do not sin away these blessings through murder or the unpardonable sin, that each and every child of God so blessed to be born to such parents have their calling and election made sure as well? I am just asking.


If you are a late comer to this conversation I'd suggest reading the earlier posts on the subject.

It must first be pointed out that not even Joseph Smith always agreed with Joseph Smith. He learnt things as he went and thus changed his mind. Also both Brigham Young and Joseph Smith sometimes spoke in absolutes when I believe if questioned more extensively would have been less absolute. So it needs to be examined next to Scripture (the Standard Works).

Additionally it should be noted that Spencer Kimball only slightly endorses this belief. He says he has seen it with many (not all) and relates it to this life. Gordon Hinkley also only points out the good influence; not talking of it as an absolute.

Yet God's statement in regard Abraham supports an absolute idea. However it makes no mention of failure of any of the children if they commit the unpardonable sin. So we are still left with the question of Cain being the son of Adam (the Archangel Michael). He doesn't fit in the absolute of Genesis.

So while I find great reassurance in this, I still hold a bit of scepticism in giving it God's absolute seal of approval.


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