June 08, 2012

Sealing and Wayward Children goes on

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This isn't so much a question as a comment that bears answering. I should point out that I haven't to date posted comments, as the site was made to answer questions, not leave people confused. If the comment raises things that need answering or worthy of response, then I treat it as a question. I'll make a post on it on my deep doctrine site, where people can comment (a lot of comments have been made on this subject).

Bruce R. McConkie stated,
“Personal accountability for sin lies at the very root of the plan of salvation.  Every man is accountable for his own sins, not for those of another. Men are judged for the deeds they do in the flesh, not for those of another. Men work out their own salvation, not the salvation of another. This is what the plan of salvation is all about-- every man being awarded his own place in the kingdoms that are prepared” (A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, pg 100)

My mother-in-law brought this idea forward at the dinner table one evening. I was taken back a bit as I consider her very wise in so many areas of the gospel.  I instantly thought of your blog Doug. Not sure where or when she got this opinion but apparently it's a fairly common view, as many have had questions on this blog. Three of my mother-in-law’s six children have left the church. One evening she began to explain to one of those lost sheep that like it or not eventually they would come back to fold because they were born under the covenant. She affirmed it was a principal taught by many modern day prophets!  (Some of those same statements by prophets as have been quoted a few times on this blog even.)

Teaching seminary this past year my mind was also brought to Ezekiel chapter 18, which I think is another wonderful testament that neither the parent’s sins nor their righteousness will determine ones standing before the Lord. Truly all people can choose to fall or progress and become like Heavenly Father, regardless of their earthly heritage or background.

This idea reminds me of the often preached Protestant doctrine of being saved from sins by confessing the name of Christ. It doesn't matter, they present, that a person goes on sinning; they will be saved anyway. A person can murder, steal, rape and plunder but be saved by the grace of Christ because they confessed his name.

Can you imagine living in heaven with either version of this God? These members believing this sealing idea are proposing that all you need is the right parents to be saved. So you and I can go off and do as we please, but if your parents aren't as good as mine you won't make it back, whereas I'm guaranteed to do so. How could we trust such a God as being fair?

Sealing is God's guarantee that if a person does as they promised in the temple that they may have the privilege of having an eternal family. This family works patriarchally back to Adam and then to God. And it works forward to their descendants. If we are to believe that it is destined that their children will be saved because of this sealing, then we would have to use the same logic in regard all our forebears. All of those being sealed to us guarantees their salvation also. This means that all our genealogy would guarantee the salvation of all those sealed to us provided we pray for them: That they will accept the baptism eventually and all the other covenants.

It also reminds me of the equally comforting, but false, idea that everyone will be saved eventually by making their way up from the Telestial or Terrestial kingdoms: That God being loving will allow all to enter into the top degree of the Celestial eventually.

While these types of teachings may bring comfort on the outside. No one really believes them inside. We all know the facts. A person will become according to the desires of their hearts. If the desire of their hearts is love of mankind they will eventually find that. If it is to do evil then they will eventually find that instead.

It would seem that this is another one of those phony doctrines that will be passed around for some time to come.


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