November 25, 2012

Can we Repent while Still Sinning?


Can we be forgiven for making mistakes with the repentance principles? The Gospel Principles book outlines the principles of repentance. Well, what if we did not confess or make restitution for sins of the past? Surely people are not perfect in repenting. Are we therefore eternally damned or can we still be forgiven?


The gaining of perfection is a drawn out task. It would rarely, if ever, be acheived in one blinding flash of spiritual understanding. Yet Christ assures us that perfection can be obtained in this life (don't let anyone con you otherwise).

When you are baptised you should receive the gift of the Holy Ghost as you seek to listen to his counsel. As you get closer to him he will draw closer to you. You will know what to do and WHY. Knowing why is very important to you following God's counsel.

In this process you will also become closer to Christ and Heavenly Father. You will begin to see more the importance of restitution and forgiveness. This will eventually make you perfect and you won't need to repent, as you won't be sinning. Some point to 1 John 1:8 to claim we will always sin. But the scripture doesn't say that. It says if we have no sin. And we all have sinned at some point and need forgiveness for those sins. Yet we don't need to continue sinning.

1 John 5:18 tells us that whosoever is born of God doesn't sin. Many other passages of scripture give us this same wonderful information. Satan does not need to have a hold on us, we can become completely free from sin.

Repenting of sins is a necessary step in this process that you should keep up until that perfection arrives.


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