January 01, 2013

Will Family be Awaiting us When We Pass On?


When we pass to the spirit world will there be a bunch of family there to greet us? And are they watching us?


In answer to your last question; your family are right here on earth, and can see you anytime they wish.

In answer to your first question - it depends. Are your activities worth watching? Would they be pleased to spend time with you? Are you a good person or just ordinary?

As to them awaiting your arrival, this also depends. Along with that stated above there is the question of whether they are anticipating your departure from your physical body. If you suddenly die in a car crash then no one will be expecting your arrival. So unless they are just hanging around you for their enjoyment of your lifestyle they won't be there.

If you are dying from cancer or some such thing where your departure from your physical body is anticipated, then they may be there; if the word has got around or they had been watching for you.


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