February 18, 2013

What do Those in the Spirit World Do?


I just attended a friends funeral yesterday. She was of another Christian denomination and they made mention that we need not be sad because she is singing and dancing with Christ now. I began to wonder if this is what most Christians expect when they die? That Christ will be there to receive them.
Can you go into detail of what people do in the spirit world? Perhaps some of the differences for baptized individuals and non baptized persons.
Of all the billions that have been on this earth are they all still here waiting for Christ again? Perhaps Christ visits the spirit world still?
Thank You.


The Protestant version of what you will be doing in heaven isn't exactly explained. There is the old version of lying down and eating grapes and playing harps. But different people have different thoughts on that. One religion believes we would spend eternity gardening - Alright if you enjoy gardening. Otherwise, too bad.

As to what people do in the spirit world; that is up to them. You can do whatever you wish; remembering that you only can control spirit matter with a spirit body mostly. You would remain upon the earth: This is where the work is for those wanting to help others. Preaching the gospel to other spirits is the greatest service a person can do in the spirit world. The ones I have seen, stand around talking or just hanging with a group. This creates opportunity for those wanting to discuss the gospel with someone interested.

There are those that still hang around friends or family, still living, that they have lived with and have a love for. They will sit and watch TV from their favorite chair, if that is vacated.

Differences for baptised and non-baptised individuals is the same as right here, as that is something that happens inside you. If you have been baptised of heart then you have the full joy of Christ dwelling in you all the time. The greater your commitment to the covenant of baptism the greater and permanent your joy. This goes with you into the spirit world. Your inner hell also goes with you if you haven't truly repented of all your sins. You will suffer until the full price is paid.

Everybody is waiting for their resurrection. Only the Terrestials and Celestials will be raised around the time of Christ's second coming. The others have to wait until sometime after the millennium. Some few have been raised since the resurrection of Christ. True joy comes from service, so the Celestials will help serve the Terrestials and the Terrestials will help serve the Telestials.

Christ or Heavenly Father can visit you at any time here, and this won't change by your physical passing.


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