January 30, 2013

Could the Holy Ghost be Heavenly Mother?


How do you feel about the potential of the holy spirit being Heavenly Mother?


Heavenly Mothers have resurrected bodies. D&C 130:22 tells us, "...the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of Spirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not dwell in us." Thus it requires someone who has no physical body. Which rules out Heavenly Mothers.

Secondly I have seen the Holy Ghost come out of me on a couple of occassions, and he is male.

January 23, 2013

Was Melchizedek Born on Earth?


Was Melchizedek a being from another "world" brought here to deliver the keys to the priesthood?


Abraham lived at the time of Melchizedek. Abraham chapter 1 tells us that he (Abraham) received his priesthood through the fathers; back to Adam. So the priesthood was already upon the earth and didn't require a person from another planet. Priesthood can't be passed on without the appropriate keys to know how and when to use the priesthood. So the keys were here also.

January 20, 2013

Earth's Age Before the Fall


My question is pertaining to the age of the earth..I understand and agree that 1,000 years in earth time is 1 day in Gods time. I am wondering, post creation, how much time Adam and Eve spent in the garden before the recording of time again. Adam, to my knowledge, did not age in Eden so is it feasible to say that there is potential for the earth to have aged a bit before recorded time began again post fall?


From things we have been informed of by past modern-day prophets and the statements of the Bible and Pearl of Great Price we come to discover that Adam and Eve were born as babies.

They were brought up to an age where they came to discover the difference between good and evil; and they made an evil choice.

Prior to their fall all things were in a state where there was no decay. To grow physically Adam and Eve ate seeds and fruit - neither of which die, as they are not separate living entities (the fruit's life comes from the tree until the seeds germinate). Though some question exists in regard what food the animals ate. When Adam and Eve fell (which fall took until Moses to complete), the fall began for all things upon the earth (including the earth). From this point until Moses, decay was in a decline and not consistent. So for the first 2400 years decay rates, that they are using for dating, were not as they are today. Rates of decay would have been far less over that period, thus demonstrating that theory science is even more inaccurate in their dating.

What "modern science" (which is the largest religion upon the earth) doesn't tell you is that dating methods have a dreadful accuracy rate. They present manufactured accuracy figures that just aren't true in the slightest. Anyone telling you that they know something to be millions or billions of years old is away in pixi-land. There is no real scientific method we can use to test such instruments to know if such readings were true. It's all a nonsense.

There is no need for twisting Scripture to try and fit it in with the ever-changing concepts of theory science.

January 11, 2013

Tithing Again


The church does not teach that you should pay on gross income. Using the logic that I'm getting benefit from my tax dollars and I pay $300,000 a year in taxes, then everyone should pay $30,000 in tithing for the same benefit since that's what it costs me in taxes. A ridiculous argument. In countries that have up to an 80% tax rate if you pay on gross, that 50% of your take home pay. A bit different
for the 50% of american's that pay NO tax at all, yet use all the benefits the rest of pay - so they should increase their tithing to pay for roads, military, etc., what a silly statement and not in line at all with the official church position.

Second comment made when first comment didn't appear in comments section _
great - moderate comments isn't having comments at all.


First let me state in answer to your second comment that I moderate comments, that if you read the bit at the side you would have seen why I don't put up comments. People have given me their email addresses at times for private discussions on subjects also.

I also pay 85% of my pay. I did state, "In most cases the gross income is the thing to base your tithing on." And I did talk about "a normal wage earner."

As to the fairness of taxes (which is what you are really talking about) that is something you have to take up with your government.

As you feel some difficulties in paying 10% you can discuss this with your bishop. That was on oversight on my part not mentioning that issue. Thanks for the comment. I've corrected that.

As to the official church position; it has been that way for decades where I am. If you have found a more flexible type of leader then I'm glad for you.

January 01, 2013

Will Family be Awaiting us When We Pass On?


When we pass to the spirit world will there be a bunch of family there to greet us? And are they watching us?


In answer to your last question; your family are right here on earth, and can see you anytime they wish.

In answer to your first question - it depends. Are your activities worth watching? Would they be pleased to spend time with you? Are you a good person or just ordinary?

As to them awaiting your arrival, this also depends. Along with that stated above there is the question of whether they are anticipating your departure from your physical body. If you suddenly die in a car crash then no one will be expecting your arrival. So unless they are just hanging around you for their enjoyment of your lifestyle they won't be there.

If you are dying from cancer or some such thing where your departure from your physical body is anticipated, then they may be there; if the word has got around or they had been watching for you.