September 03, 2013

How Come Some People get More Blessings?


How come selfish, rude, disobedient, and generally just people who live very far beneath their privelages seem to be recipients of the wonderful blessings like marriage, family, vocational success, athletic ability etc. and others who try the hardest they possibly can to keep their covenants, repent and become better daily, and love/live as best they can are denied such?


People get out of things what they put into them. Just because a person is married doesn't mean that they are happily married. It can be all show. If they are selfish then they won't be happy. They will always want what they think they don't have.

Rude people don't get people's respect.

You have quoted this type of person as being both disobedient and yet just. They can't be both. They can be disobedient sometimes and obedient the other. But this doesn't work very well. As Christ stated, you can't serve two masters. And they cannot be stated to be just.

Vocational and athletic success are just outward things. The person who is sick has more chance of learning charity and patience. But not everyone needs to learn those abilities to that degree. We hardly spend any time here on the earth. So it is just a very fleeting thing. Hardly worth talking about. When you are sick you certainly do feel the pinch. And I empathise with that thought. But I know that we just move on soon.

Don't feel denied just because everything doesn't flow in rosy manner. These things assist us in learning to gain the attributes we need to adopt to become like our heavenly parents. Thank God for the opportunity.


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