March 31, 2010

Temple Ordinances - Actual or just Symbolic


Not sure what we are able to talk about outside the temple walls but was wondering the other day while there just how literal we need to take what happens at the veil. Will events happen just like that one day? Any scripture references...


The Scriptures demonstrate that temple ordinances are all typical and symbolic only. References to this are numerous. You can look up the many temple ordinances as laid down in the Law of Moses.

At baptism we get put under water that can't wash away our sins nor bury them. The act itself doesn't avail anything. It is when the spiritual reality is applied (pointed to by the symbol) that makes it have value.

With the sacrament we eat and drink Christ into ourselves. Again, having a deeper symbolic meaning, only useful when we apply what its referring to.

The Israelites were told that by going to the temple and placing your hands upon the head of the sacrifice your sins would be passed onto the ram (Lev 1:1-4, reading to the end of chapter 4 you will find more references). However we know that this wasn't a literal passing, in spite of the words saying it was. We must place our sins upon the true sacrifice (Jesus Christ) for our sins to be taken away.

To obtain this greater understanding an Israelite would have to start thinking deeply about what they had done, and seek for guidance. The same applies today. These temple ordinances are like parables. Christ's apostles, during his ministry, asked why he spoke to the people in parables. He said so that hearing they don't hear and seeing they don't see (Mark 4:11-12). Today's temple ordinances need to understood by the Spirit.

You go to the temple and do things that represent other things. A clue - don't get too absorbed in every little detail at the expense of the big picture. Secondly, its too bad they had to remove the penalties. That made it easier to understand.

March 23, 2010

Legal Drugs - Anti-Depressants


My question is what do you think about all these anti-depressants so many people seem to be on these days. Even members of the church. Are people really just covering up an issue they need to deal with?


Unfortunately extremely large amounts of money are being made in the drug industry (I mean the legal one). Doctors and psychiatrists are just prescribing drugs as a simple solution to all ills. Where once children would be disciplined they are now drugged for sedation. They become used to this way of thinking.

I know of church members caught up in this myself. Yet Christ taught the answer to this problem. But that peace in our hearts can only come from us facing the gospel head on and living it. Just belonging to the church, attending meetings and doing callings isn't sufficient. There is a requirement for us to be one with Christ and Heavenly Father. We actually have to come to KNOW them (Jn 17:3).

Through faith in Christ anyone can face their problems. These drugs don't help the people I've seen on them. They still look and talk as depressed as ever. It's just another unsuccessful drug like alcohol.

March 15, 2010

Can Good Non-Members go to the Celestial


In D&C 76:71-74 it states that those who reject the gospel in this life but receive it in the spirit world will inherit the Terrestrial Glory. How strict will this be? I have a good Christian friend that is a great person that loves, serves others and tries to live a good honest life. He has however no desire at this point to accept, "Mormonism" as he calls it. How much should I keep pushing? Should I be worried? Or will he be ok since he's a good man...?

"And again, we saw the terrestrial world, and behold and lo, these are they who are of the terrestrial, whose glory differs from that of the church of the Firstborn who have received the fulness of the Father, even as that of the moon differs from the sun in the firmament. Behold, these are they who died without law; And also they who are the spirits of men kept in prison, whom the Son visited, and preached the gospel unto them, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh; Who received not the testimony of Jesus in the flesh, but afterwards received it." D&C 76:71-74


Inside us all there is what we could describe as a graph. I want you to imagine for a moment this graph. It shows all of our qualities. On the right there is one area that shows the depth of people's understanding of God. In Protestants and Catholics this is virtually empty.

Then there is a collection of other virtues and vices, such as love, forgiveness, hate, anger, greed, sympathy, desire for revenge, desire for service, compassion, lust, selfishness, self-image, etc. Then on the extreme left there is the rate of understanding of the relationship between actions and consequences at an eternal level. In Protestants and Catholics this is at absolute zero. They believe in a totally magic God that rewards by magic: There is no relationship between actions and rewards other than those puffed up by God at his good will and pleasure.

I know one woman who has all those great inner qualities at a high rate. But she can't go any further. And the reason why, is because her impression of what she is makes it that she can't. She is beautiful in those other areas. But we are out to become as Heavenly Father or Heavenly Mother. These require exceptionally high rates.

We can question as to whether we feel these people can cross that line into the Celestial and abide Heavenly Father's presence. And maybe one day they will. But it would appear that they are going to have to accept the gospel first.

The best of them are abiding the presence of the Son. But have no understanding of the Father. Additional to this, if they hear the Father or the Son too much they will be told to join the church. So a degree of them blocking this exists.

Can I build a palace, if all I do is learn to build houses? I may make wonderful houses. But I must still learn to build a palace at some time, in order to build one.

As Alma states, the same spirit that posssesses our bodies when we die [our spirit], will be the spirit that possesses our bodies at the resurrection (Alma 34:34). If a person rejects truth in this life they have created a barrier against it.

These people have a beautiful house. But, at present, they have refused to build a palace. And the time will come when they have set their course. God waits for everyone to come to that point of no return. Only he knows when they have reached it. But they do reach it. And for those with full hearing in this life, and absolute rejection, they have set that course.

But your friend may be one that will eventually hear. Keep trying with your friend, and know that if he is one that has the heart to accept, then he will accept eventually.